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Our voice in Congress has been stolen by corrupt politicians who do not represent the people of Long Island and New York. Immigrants once arrived on the shores of New York under the light of Lady Liberty's lamp seeking a hand up, NOT a handout. Today, illegals are pouring across our Southern border in an orchestrated invasion, not to build a better life, but to take what we have worked for. Our tax dollars are being stolen to pay for that invasion. These illegals are being given a standard of living that the average American cannot afford while contributing NOTHING to this great nation. Outrageous "green initiatives" have stripped us of energy independence while funding the very same terrorists who attacked our city and home on September 11th. Socialist indoctrination has robbed our schools of God, Patriotism, and Parents. The government has taken away our right to raise and educate our children. We The People are mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. We The People are taking back America. YOU are America; WE are America; I am America.

Thanks for your support and God Bless America!

         Shannon Stephens


Stephens for Congress
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