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Biden and the Democrats have orchestrated a full invasion of America by tying the hands of Border Patrol and declaring open season on our borders. Make no mistake, our country is under attack by drug cartels, traffickers, and terrorists. As your Representative, I will work to close the borders, finish the Southern border wall, and deport the over 7 MILLION illegals who have entered America since Biden took office. I will cut the BILLIONS of dollars in foreign aid Biden continues to give the Ukraine and other anti-American nations, and use it to take back our borders.


Our economy is spiraling into a depression. Americans can no longer afford to put dinner on their tables due to skyrocketing inflation and tax rates that are destroying the middle class. Using my experience as an accountant and lawyer, I will work to overhaul the Federal Tax Code, replacing it with a flat tax for Americans. I will work to bring back energy independence by opening the Keystone Pipeline and restoring drilling and fracking on American land.


Our schools have been hijacked by morally bankrupt left-wing radicals intent upon brainwashing our children and taking away parental rights. In Congress, I will take back control of education and return it to the states as the Constitution intended by abolishing the Federal Department of Education. I will restore the rights of parents in the education system because the government should not be in the business of raising our children.


Being an American no longer means being FREE. Our Constitution entitles us to certain rights so important that they make up the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. The radical left has trampled on the Constitution and stripped us of our rights. Being an American NOW means you will be locked up for: using your freedom of speech to make political memes; using your freedom to assemble on January 6th to voice your disagreement with the government; or using your freedom to carry and protect yourself from violent protestors. In Congress, I will repeal the ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL "laws" the radical left is using to take away our rights, beginning with the recent expansion of the USA PATRIOT ACT that allows the government to SPY on American citizens and the complete destruction of our Second Amendment rights. I will free our political prisoners and take back our Constitutional rights.


Violent crime is out of control in cities across America, especially here in New York. The radical left's attack on law enforcement and the failed policies of Soros-backed District Attorneys and Attorneys General have created dangerous circumstances where Americans are no longer safe in our cities. Using my experience as a former prosecutor I will work to end sanctuary city status, stop the flow of drugs over our borders and into our streets, and remove the corrupt District Attorneys and Attorneys General. I will create legislation to support our law enforcement agencies and restore faith in our law enforcement so we can take back the safety of our cities.


Biden has sold our independence to the highest bidder. From Chinese-controlled American farmland to the World Health Organization's "Pandemic Preparedness Plan" and many actions in between, Biden has given total control of America to our enemies. I will create policy to remove our enemies from our country, return our land to American owned companies and American citizens, and pull our country out of dangerous agreements that threaten our independence. In Congress, I will ensure that we make it clear to the world that America is NOT for sale.


Americans have lost faith in the truth and validity of our elections. Our citizens are giving up at the ballot box because their votes are being subverted by shady election practices. In Congress, I will work to reform election laws and put in place requirements for proper registration and record-keeping. I will ensure that America moves to same day, paper ballot voting with voter ID laws to ensure that only registered American CITIZENS are voting in our elections and remove big tech from the election process. I will work to bring back faith and confidence in our elections once again.

Stephens for Congress
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