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Meet Shannon

Growing up on Long Island, some of my fondest childhood memories are of Christmas in New York City with my family. My grandfather is a lifelong New Yorker and a retired member of the FDNY. I went to law school and became a prosecutor in order to continue the life of service to God and country that my family had instilled in me.

The destruction and devastation of our country at the hands of the socialist left sickens me as I watch our beloved rights stolen by a corrupt and immoral system. Many have chosen to flee; I have chosen to stay and fight.

I was tough on crime as a prosecutor. I was a confident advisor as an accountant. I was a trusted friend as a teacher. As a prosecutor, I witnessed firsthand the horror of bail reform that releases criminals onto our streets, undermining our police officers and destroying our neighborhoods. As an accountant, I have seen the harm our current tax codes have inflicted on families and small business owners on Long Island. I watched as my father, a small business owner, suffered under the burden of excessive government regulation and taxation working to support his family. I watched as our government took his money and gave it to illegals for hotel rooms and medical care that we could not afford for ourselves. As a teacher, I saw parents' rights stolen as our government illegally took control of our schools. I stood up at school board meetings and was threatened with arrest by the very people who were elected to defend our rights and protect our children.I have voluntarily gone to court on Long Island and in Albany to defend regular citizens who have spoken up and tried to stop the insanity.

Our Pledge states: "with Liberty and Justice for all." It does not say Justice only for the politically correct and well connected. I still believe in our Pledge and our country. I am also mad as hell at those who have failed to protect and defend our country. I am asking for your vote so that We The People can take back America.

Stephens for Congress
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